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Escalades East Tower is a beautiful residential property that allows the residents to reside in a property that is jam-packed with luxurious amenities, convenient features and loads of facilities that makes your day to day life an eased out affair. 

Escalades East Tower features a large swimming pool to be used by the elders of the property and a kid’s pool to be used by the kids of the property. This separate provision of two different pools makes swimming more enjoyable as both age groups are not interrupted by the other. Therefore, both the groups can enjoy their time to the core.

There is a 24-hour security featured at Escalades East Tower which allows the residents to lead a peaceful life. The gates of the property are secured by trained security guards who keep a close check on all the various happenings of the property. Therefore, while residing at Escalades East Tower you, your family, and your belongings are secured to the core. 

There is a well-equipped gymnasium featured at Escalades East Tower where the residents head to for their regular workout sessions at any time of their choice. This helps the residents to keep fit even without stepping out of their residential community. 

Escalades East Tower accommodates a large-sized playground for the use of the kids of the property. This place keeps the kids away from the handheld gadgets that the kids of today are quite fond of. In fact, it keeps the kids fit and healthy in disguise. While the kids are busy playing on the playground, the parents and guardians can keep a close check on them as the playground is an active part of the property. 

There is an amazing amenity added on to the list which is a unique one. This amenity is called a family room and is specially designed to be used by the families of Escalades East Tower. The families of the property can spend some quality time here with their near and dear ones without any interruptions. The property also features a retail space where there are a number of retail counters available. The residents can use these counters to avail the basic day-to-day essential commodities at the earliest. Therefore, when an emergency arises these retail counters prove to be a perfect rescue. 

Last, but not the least, there is a special management team featured in Escalades East Tower who are responsible to take care of the offerings of the entire community. This team keeps up the quality of the various offerings of Escalades East Tower and never lets the residents face any troubles or inconveniences.

  • Commercial / Retail Spaces
  • Family Area
  • Function Room
  • Gym Facility
  • Swimming Pool
  • Kiddie Pool
  • Landscape and Paved Areas
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